Patient of the Week list Season 6

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I'll do this Season by Season, listing the full name of the POTW (if known), age (if given) and final diagnosis. Part of the info you only get from screencaps and/or the scripts/transcripts. Here's the list for Season 6:

6x1/2 - Dr. Gregory House, narcissism, depression, psychosis & hallucinations due to drug abuse
6x3 - Vince Pearson, Fabry's disease
6x4 - President Antipas Dibala (75), blastomycosis (misdiagnosed as sclreaderma)
6x5 - Jack Randall, primary antiphospholipid syndrome
6x6 - Donny Compson (39/40), intracrania barianeurysm
6x7 - Jordan (16), vibrio vulnificus complicated by hemochromatosis
6x8 - Hank Hardwick, extraintestinal Crohn's disease and strongyloides
6x9 - James "Jimmy" Sidas (32), TTP complicated by DXM abuse
6x10 - Tucker (43), acute lymphoblastic leukemia
6x11 - Mickey (32), Hughes-Stovin syndrome
6x12 - Valerie (27), Wilson's disease
6x13 - Daryl Bartlett (22), melanoma
6x14 - none
6x15 - Frankie (28), Whipple's disease
6x16 - Abby Nash (17), cerebellar schistosomiasis delayed hypersensitivity allergy
6x17 - Emery Nash, Adrienne Maldonado, ?, complex partial seizures
6x18 - William, hemlock poisoning and poison ivy secondary to anabolic steroid abuse
6x19 - Julia (35), Henoch-Schönlein purpura
6x20 - Theodore "Ted" Philip Taylor (27), Chiari malformation
6x21 - Sidney Merrica, severe allergy to tattoo ink
6x22 - Hanna & Jay (crane operator), fat embolism due to crush syndrome & arachnoid cyst on lower spine (syringomyelia)
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